GloTV Server 2024

Want to watch your favorite TV channels anywhere in the world? Now, it’s possible with IPTV. Using the GloTV server, you can watch your favorite TV channels and enjoy a vast collection of movies, shows, TV series, Netflix, and Prime Video.

To stream your favorite TV channels anywhere in the world using IPTV, then GloTV Reseller is the best solution for you.

With GloTV Reseller Service, you can stream your favorite channels and having the best IPTV viewing experience. The streaming package consists of over 1500 content libraries that you can watch at your leisure.

So, what are you waiting for? Now, binge-watch your favorite shows, series, and TV channels hassle-free using GloTV Reseller Service.

Features of GloTV IPTV Panel?

  1. With this service, you can enjoy more than 5000 channels, TV shows, and more than 9000+ movies
  2. The content library gets updated on daily basis
  3. No lag or buffering in the TV. Enjoy the content in HD 4K

To enjoy the GloTV Reseller Service, all you need is an IPTV panel and generate lines for users.

After you become a reseller, you need to buy credits to load your panel. The minimum credit you can load is 50 credits in your account.

Price Structure:

  1. 300 credits: Super Panel $4.5 / month
  2. 100 credits: Reseller Panel $5 / month
  3. 50 credits: Reseller Panel $5.5 / month

What is Reseller Panel?

Reseller is a shop entity, which is authorized to sell a product or service in the market. Just purchase the IPTV Panel to provide the services to the users. To subscribe to the service, a user needs to provide their MAC ID and enjoy their favorite shows and movies. This is the way you can generate revenue through Reseller panel.


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